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With chilling winds and deep snowfall, the Long Winter has ensnared part of the Kzinti Homeworld. At the center of the blizzard lies a small village of scientists, the only remnants left of those who lived and worked in the Spire of Knowledge, now destroyed and in ruins.

Yet it was not an intruder who did this, but one of their own. The military, embarrassed after their latest attempt to invade Midgaardia failed at the northern edges of Ofcol, cast out all scientists from their presence and pillaged their spire. Tome after tome of countless lore were destroyed as the military turned their back on the same knowledge which had allowed them to become less savage.

The village itself is protected by a series of enchantments cast by the now-paranoid scientists to keep the military out. But lately even they have begun to fail, as sapping strength and weakening spirits takes its toll on the scientists. The military have staged their final blood-drenched siege, and who you decide to help will alter the course of their world forever.

Builder: Zahri


From kzin shift go 9w,u,w,n,u,n,w,n,2w,u'




Shopkeeper items -

The Haggler accepts:

"the earthen mace of might" from Earth for the heart of a pyrolisk, a poison item that holds 100 doses of Necrotia

"the Blade of Discord" from Tarterus for panthrodrine-skin leggings

"iron web shield" from Noctopia for a pair of coarse leather boots (3hr, 6dr, and 65hp)

"red lightning" from Air for pyrolisk flesh, a pill (Level 124 Spells of divinity and sanctuary)

Chandler accepts:

"a storm-skin cloak" from Water for a pair of wind-ravaged boots

"ball of seething blue flame" from Arcadia for a vial of shifting shadows (10 doses of heartbane)

"black soft leather boots" from Kzinti for kzinti leggings (3hr, 4dr -10ac)

"stone disc" from Midgaard for snow-encrusted cloak (-50ac, 85mana)

"devilish talisman" from Astral for a blueish-white stone (has a base, 80hp, -15saves)

The kzinti bookseller sells:

* a fully intact grimoire - 4000000
* a partially burnt grimoire - 750000


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