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When describing an area, include:

  • Help file
  • Recommended group size
  • Any special mobs to watch out for (like the det mobs in Outland Proper)
  • Special mob behavior (wield/Demonfire/Doom Toxin/etc)
  • Directions to different parts of the area (if applicable)
  • General opinion/advice ("watch out for the ixupis", "don't go here without a healer", etc)

Don't worry about filling out all this information at once if you aren't able. It is far better to contribute something useful than nothing at all. Just leave the area in this category until you feel that it is fully described.

If there's is gear in the area, describe how to get it in [[:Category:Gear In Areaname]], as opposed to the main article of the area.

If you're in a helpful mood, see also Gear That Needs Descriptions