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Teetering on the edge of the great plane of Karnath lies the sphinx of Fluent the Wise. Long had it stood, a beacon for Fluent's followers and a safehaven for the weak. All that has changed with the great Cataclysm. Now the sphinx lies in disrepair, its once-safe halls now fraught with lawlessness and corruption.

To escape the turmoil and chaos, Fluent has isolated himself and his key advisors as they attempt to restore some semblance of balance to this now-crazy world.

It is said that Aziz-Ra, believing that he and Fluent were working to the same end, sent a messenger to Fluent but he never arrived. Now the two factions struggle in isolation, neither trusting the other and neither making much progress in restoring the tranquility of this land.

Builder: Yevaud






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