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Long ago, a race of nomadic beings called kzinti roamed the multiverse, wandering from world to world in search of new realms to conquer. They were a savage race, using stolen bits of technology to further their conquests. The kzinti ravaged many lands, until the one fateful day in which they reached what is now known as their Homeworld.

Having used up the resources of their most recent conquest, the kzinti sent an advanced scout through a great portal into a newly discovered plane of existence. This scout and his team of explorers arrived before a massive volcano, and fought their way up and over the steaming peak, encountering strange, deadly creatures. Finally, on the other side of the volcano, they laid eyes upon a most magnificent sight. Twin spires rose high from within a vast jungle that lay in the valley before them.

After battling their way through this savage jungle, they reached the astounding structures and came upon a broken fountain. The scout drank from the fountain warily, and was instantly transported inside one of the spires. Once inside, his brain itself was evolved by some sort of magical energy. He had overcome his savage nature, and learned there the science of creation. It was not long before he brought his people to this place, and enacted the very evolution of the kzinti race. In a short span of time, the kzinti created their own technologies, and became an independent and powerful race of conquerors. No longer would they need to live off the spoils of war. They were now a true power.