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From Kzinti Homeworld shift go in a northeasterly direction to the sublevel in the Spire Of War. If you have entered the portal chambers, you've gone too far north. Head east once you are before the pillars. If in doubt, from shift go 1e, all n, all e, all n, 3s, w, u, track alch. In the jungle be wary of invis Kzinti Hunters who stab. Also, psions need to be wary of Sussuruses who stomp, on scan they show up as a mass of vegetation or something like that. Once you enter the sublevel via a north exit, there will be an up exit leading out of the Spire of War, which means you're on the right path.

Once you're inside, head southwest, ignoring Raskartan who guards the choke point to the Spire Of Knowledge, looking for an open up exit to Level One. The up exit to Level Two is also southwest. The up exit to Level Three (note: one way to Level Three) is north in the center.

From here the safe-ish room is e2swn (or w2sen). (For those of you who remember the old spire run, this used to be a fully safe room. This is not the case anymore.)

If you don't have the Golden Kzinti Insignia you'll need to head up. In this part of the area are a bunch of kzinti warriors who all look the same on scan. All the kzinti warriors must be killed to spawn the Golden Kzinti Insignia. Once you get the key, if needed return to the safe-ish room, regen and respell.

Go up as before, then up again, and kill the guardians. From there track Alchyzer, like the other guardian halls, these exits are random; he loads the Robes Of Wizardry (level gear) and the Book Of Shard Storm. Northwest of Alchyzer is the main gear room with Kortez, Taragual, and two other mobs who hold Boots Of The Conqueror, Kzintium Blade Bracer, Necklace Of Severed Fae Ears, Amulet Of Cat's Eye and Aura Of Domination. South of the gear room is the best place to camp.

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