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To get the Ant Antenna: head northeast from shift. Directly south from the northeast corner of the jungle you'll see a room with 3 sentinel soldier ants (though other mobs can wander into the room). After killing some of the mobs in this room the queen ant will spawn to defend the hive. Skinning her corpse randomly yields the antenna or a psi-friendly chakram. The antenna queen is much more common than the chakram queen (can be deduced from the queen's description). The soldier ants skin to ant eyes (sanc pills).

The soldier ants are fairly easy, but the queen ant can hit pretty hard (big ANNI/ERAD). Also, more ants can spawn once you kill the soldier ants. Note that if you fail to kill the gear room, the next pop might have the surviving ants + 3 repopped ants. North and west from the gear room are good camping spots.

Recommended group size: 10+

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