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Airscape (Gear)
Arcadia (Gear)
Astral (Gear)
Firerealm (Gear)
Karnath (Gear)
Kzinti Homeworld (Gear)
Midgaardia (Gear)
Noctopia (Gear)
Nowhere (Gear)
Outland (Gear)
Tarterus (Gear)
Thorngate (Gear)
Water (Gear)
World Of Stone (Gear)
Areas in Nowhere
Nothing (Gear)
Sun Cabal (Gear)

Somewhere in the flux between the Elemental Planes is a vast stretch of empty space. The void has many strange and unusual properties that leak out to planes of substance.

In the vast stretches of this plane, there exists a cult of nihilist fanatics whose existence lies in the destruction of everything which isn't nothing.


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