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Inferno Peak Gear Run

NOTE: The sceptre is available only following a Reset or Reboot.

Shift to Kzinti Homeworld. Go e3s. You'll see an up exit with darkenbeasts on scan. This is the Inferno Peak. Go 2u, s.

Sacrifice a group member one more south to Projection Of Imix or Pyrhaan (sometimes a bird is in the same room, take care to not die to it). Go to the Heated Outcropping (2w from Pyrhaan's room) and mercy to the corpse.

(Don't send your only healer -- the post-mercy room can inflict 5k+ damage and wipe a group.)

Killing one of the darkenbeasts ("A darkenbeast feeds on a burnt corpse.") here spawns the Denizen Of The Wasteland, which carries an Astral Disruption Rod and skins for a Sandblasted Emerald (treasure, 16 kdr, -15 ac). The darkbenbeast lives on the flowing landscape. Check 'exits' to stay on the flowing landscape. No sacrifice is needed to do only this portion of the run.

The lava tubes are filled with gassy mephits so make sure you bring at least one good healer. Head 1s from the mercy room, then keep heading down until you reach the lava lake. The first room appears to be a good spot for regen (with exits up and south). Gear room is 2s. Note that going in a non-up/down direction when presented the option will not follow a linear path, so if you are a rogue trying to utilize disengage/slip, be wary of this. One of the mobs carries the bloodsash replacement (Blazing Balteus).

Profit with Sceptre Of Blazing Fury!

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