List Of Gear Runs

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Click on the name of the area to see directions on how to get the gear.
RO = Reboot only

Small runs (less than 15 people)

Plane / Area Primary Gear Caveats
Outland / Githzerai Keep Severed Githyanki Hand
Water / Water Proper Watermark Tattoo
Tarterus / Garden Stone Wings, Black Armband much easier if you already have the Cold Iron Key
Astral / Astral Proper Crown Of Wire And Broken Glass
Arcadia / Citadel Arcadia Ruling Glyph having a lockpicker in the group makes this run go much quicker
Astral / Memory Lane Golden Dragonskull among others
Tarterus / Tarterus Proper Guard Of The Demogorgon, Blue-Green Demonscale Wrap
Kzinti Homeworld / Inferno Peak Sceptre Of Blazing Fury, Balteus (Crimson Bloodsash replacement) Sceptre and Balteus are RO
Airscape / Airscape Proper Billowing Sleeves Of Vapor need someone who can skin corpses

Medium sized runs (15 - 20 people)

Plane / Area Primary Gear Caveats
Kzinti Homeworld / Spires Of War Boots Of The Conqueror,
Kzintium Blade Bracer
World Of Stone / World Of Stone Proper Elemental Earth Ring det
World Of Stone / Mountain Of Madness Living Daemonstone
Arcadia / Dark Fae Tower Zarradyn's Gauntlets most of the run, including the gear room, is nospell
Astral / Astral Invasion Inferno Stone Istone has irregular repop time
Firerealm / Firerealm Proper Phoenix-Feather Greaves,
Lava Striders,
Pelt Of Flame's Perfection
need someone who can skin corpses; unknown directions for maze
Water / Reckoning Lodestone ~50% of the run, including the gear room, is nospell; Lode is RO
Outland / Outland Proper Silver Chestplate, Silver Sword det & stomp

Large runs (20+)

Plane / Area Primary Gear Caveats
Karnath / Silent Sphinx Broken Shackles Of Tyranny
Tarterus / Ascension Ring Of Higher Power
Karnath / Dark Pyramid Jeweled Crown Of Aziz-Ra
Nowhere / Sun Cabal Shield Of Lords need a Platinum Scale to attempt this run; SoL is RO
Noctopia / Obsidian Arena; Stands Black Widow Bodice Noctopia is fun; gear section is noregen
Noctopia / Obsidian Arena; Floor Shield Of Shadows, Chain Of Thorns Noctopia is fun; SoS is RO
Karnath / Patriarchs' Gulch Subjugator, Robe Of Magnificence, lots more