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Recommended group size: 8-12 (less if just doing exp)

From Outland shift you have a few options to get to Githzerai Keep.

  • The first is to walk there: 5e3n from shift.
  • The second is to portal to gith obs. This will place you a little ways in front of the front door. From there you have to fight through a couple rooms of mobs before you actually enter the keep.
  • The third option is to portal to fem tra (or gith train). This will take you to the training yards, outside the back door. This puts you very close to the keep, but it is unpredictably swarmy. Sometimes you enter the portal and there's no mobs waiting for you. The worst swarm I've seen in the training yard was seven mobs. Also note that the Githzerai Master Of Death wanders through the training yard. If you couldn't tell by the name, he hits hard. Citric showed me an interesting trick: nexus to fem tra and enter nexus twice quickly. That way you can tell how bad of a swarm your group will have to handle. It seems like scry should also help in this matter, but I've never been able to get it to work.

Anyway, once you make it inside the keep you'll be on the ground floor. The ground floor is shaped roughly like this crappy ASCII map:

    (back door)
   ----- ----
  |     |    |
__|          |__
  |          |
  |          |
    (front door)

South of the back door is where you can find the fake king who holds the Amulet With A Small Silver Sword Enscribed On It and the Orb Of Gith. He keeps company with some advisors and such, so you'll want to make sure you're prepared for the room before rushing right in.

The hallways leading east and west both end with stairs going to the second floor. North of the western staircase is a hidden exit. Follow that path until you see a closed door to the south. Behind that door is a small 2x2 area where the four leaders (who all carry hands) and a servant wander around. In the same room with the closed south door is a hidden north door. Following that path will take you to the True King Of The Githzerai, who carries a Dark But See Through Cloak, a Severed Githyanki Hand, and the Gold Hilted Flaming Silver Sword. Note that the Invisible Stalker (an invis stabber mob) awaits one room before the true king. You go west to enter the Invisible Stalker's room, and it's a good idea to send a tank to areaspell so one of your casters doesn't get termed. The true king's room is particularly painful.

On the second floor you'll find the Spirit Of The Githzerai Master Of Death, who carries a Dark But See Through Cloak. Also on that floor is the Emissary Of The Mind Flayers who has the Gauntlets Of Protection.

On the third floor is the Githzerai Seer who has Necrotic Flesh and the Belt Of Sorcery.