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Located in the wastes of Outland, the massive, black keep is the home of the Githzerai, sworn enemies of the Githyanki. Here they train their warriors and plot their attacks on the Githyanki. Since the Githyanki control most of the surface of Outland, the Keep is really the last Githzerai line of defense, and they will defend it to the last Gish.

Builder: Silence


You'll want to portal to fem train to access the keep. Be sure to send a tank in first, because sometimes you may end up with the Githzerai Master of Death in a room with you.

From shift: 3n5wu. Once you are in the keep, it is no longer homeable.




This area should be run with around 6 people. Be sure to have one good ac tank, since the mobs you'll face hit fairly hard.

The most notable gear (and exp) here is the severed githyanki hand, a 12/12 held item similar to a shard of doom marble.

To access this gear, you'll need to go south until you see the King's room 1s. Once you're here, go west, then southwestish until you reach a stairwell.

When you reach the stairwell, open the painting north, and proceed east through the hallway until you reach a closed south exit. Note: Each of the rooms with the door make a great place to regen since you can wall the only other direction.

Once you've reached the masters of death, you'll want to s3-4 them -- they hit pretty hard with weapons. In a group of 6, they're usually good for 70-90 a pop.


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