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<used as light> Soulfire (Red) (-10/10)1 or Sceptre Of Blazing Fury (7/7)
2x <worn on finger> Once-Sundered Ring (6/6)4, Ring Of Higher Power (6/6) or the Ring that Time Forgot (6/6)
2x <worn around neck> Talisman Of Chaos (0/8)1, Amulet Of Malyse (7/7)3 or Necklace Of Severed Fae Ears (5/5)
<worn on body> Black Widow Bodice (0/10), Carapace of Molten Rock (0/10)1 or The Scales of Scalamandrix (5/10)1
<worn on head> Yorimandil's Blindfold (0/15), Lens Of Eternal Contempt (0/13)1, Crown Of Wire And Broken Glass (0/10) or Mask Of Molten Rock (0/10, shard)
<worn on legs> Living Daemonstone (3/6) or Bonk's Belt Of Blades (5/6, weapon type), Greaves of Desolation (3/6)2, or Gossamer Leggings (8/4, +10% extra attack)1
<worn on feet> Boots Of Planewalking (3/8) or Shadow Boots (3/8)
<worn on hands> Champions Gauntlets (0/10)1, Zarradyn's Gauntlets (7/7), Clenched Fist (7/7) or Lightspeed Handwraps (8/6)
<worn on arms> Szi's Armband Of Wickedness (9/9)3 or Assassin's Armband (0/9, Weaponize), Twice Coiled Rat Tail (8/8) or Watermark Tattoo (4/8)
<held in offhand> See Lord Weapons
<worn about body> Robe Of Magnificence (8/8)
<worn about waist> Belt Of Souls (5/5)
2x <worn on wrist> Runic First Cycle Bracelet (9/9)3 or Broken Shackles Of Tyranny (6/6)
<wielded> See Lord Weapons
<held> Ghostly Disk (18/18)1 or Majestre's Crop (0/15) or Severed Githyanki Hand (12/12, enchantable) or Emerald Shard (14/14)

1 Shard Area Gear
2 Transmog
3 Manifest Gear
4 Quest gear