Scales of Scalamandrix

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Object 'scales scalamandrix' type armor, extra flags hum.
Weight 25, value 42966, level 250.
Object Quality (1000 / 1000 hps)
Armor class is 51.
 Modifies hit roll by  5 continuous
 Faintly increases resistance to mental attacks continuous
 Faintly increases resistance to caustic attacks continuous
 Modifies stealth by + 2% continuous
 Modifies damage roll by  10 continuous

Type: armor
Slot: on body
Keywords: scales scalamandrix
Flags: hum
Weight: 25
Plane: Astral
Area: Flayer Keep
Mob: Scalamandrix

Skinned from Scalamandrix.

Note that there is a race restriction to these. You must be draconic to be able to wear them.