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<used as light> Wraith Essence (150, -90 AC)1 or Glimmer Of Hellfire (150) or Soulfire (Cyan) (150)1
2x <worn on finger> Once-Sundered Ring (200) or Enchanted Soul (125)1 or Random Ring (120)2 or Strand Of Haghair (100)
2x <worn around neck> Cape Of Angel Feathers (100) or The Spirit Guard (100)1
<worn on body> Empty Adamantine Shell (250, -110 AC)1 or Cloak Of Darkness (100)
<worn on head> Golden Dragonskull (120)
<worn on legs> Green Silken Sarong (100)
<worn on feet> Phoenix-Feather Greaves (200)
<worn on hands> Elomecla's Gardening Gloves (250 - manifest), Verdant Gloves (160)2 or Watershape (hands) (100)
<worn on arms> Ethereal Bracer (180)2 or Silver Iguana (150)
<held in offhand> Quarterstaff, "Wanderer" (400 - two-handed) or Ceremonial Sword Of The High King's Champion (200)
<worn about body> Nethershroud (200) or soggy robe of wizardry (180, -40 AC)2
<worn about waist> Silver Belly Chain (150)
2x <worn on wrist> Jade Bracer (75) or Cool Onyx Bracelet (75)
<wielded> Quarterstaff, "Wanderer" (400 - two-handed), Ceremonial Sword Of The High King's Champion (200), or Cruel Iron Bow (100 - druid)
<held> Lord's Head Chalice (100)

1 Shard gear 2 Transmog area/gear