Amputated claws of the Rat King

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a bloody pair of claws lay here, oozing vitae. These are two-handed.

Object 'rat king claws amputated' type weapon, extra flags glow hum evil magic.
Weight 20, value 8649, level 125.
Object Quality (750 / 750 hps)
Damage is 35 to 102 (average 68).
Edge condition is like new.
Modifies hit roll by  25 continuous
Modifies damage roll by  30 continuous
Modifies hp regeneration by + 2% continuous
curse continuous
Modifies melee attacks with poison damage continuous

Keyword(s): rat, king, claws, amputated.
Level(s): 125.
Type: Lord Melee Weapon.
Slot(s): Lord Melee Weapon.
Quality: 750 hps.
Weight: 20 lbs.
Flag(s): glow, hum, evil, magic.


Shard unlock run.


Area: Garden.
Mob(s): Brandon the Rat King.