Twice Coiled Rat Tail

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The bisected tail of the rat king lays here, twice coiled

Object 'rat tail twice-coiled' type armor, extra flags none.
Weight 5, value 9610, level 125.
Object Quality (745 / 750 hps)
Armor class is 25.
 Modifies hit roll by  8 continuous
 Modifies damage roll by  8 continuous
 Modifies stealth by + 1% continuous

It improves archery damage.
It improves archery accuracy.

Slot: Arms

Carried by Brandon the Rat King, a shard unlock companion, along with the amputated claws of the Rat King (25/30 2% regen, curse, mod poison), The crown of the Rat King (7/8 -90ac, +sneak), and a pdia.