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The planar shift into Arcadia drops into the middle of a beautiful eldritch forest where dreams grow on trees and daydreams flow down the river.

Unfortunately, according to Astra, the Fae are xenophobes of the worst kind and will view the Midgaardian Lords' intrusion as we might a plague of locusts. The Fae have set Balefire to the woods, trying to erase the "Midgaardian Stain" from their fair plane.

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Planeshift to Arcadia.

If you're not confident in your ability to survive a swarm at Arcadia shift, you can Planeshift to Astral, go 3d (be careful with the golems) and portal to a chim or bale. However, be warned that the astral shift consists of three Astral Guardians who hit harder than they used to and calming may be required to move. Previously, going 3d from shift was a relatively simple task insofar as the bottom of the citadel was sparsely populated and finding a place to portal to the forest, or alternatively to sleep w n d from the room below the golem was straightforward. In late 2014, the area's mobs were changed to move more frequently (sometimes stacking as high as 5 below the golems) and the citadel guardians, who previously only fired stun arrows if they happened upon a player, can now longshot - effectively a death sentence, as they will track you and finish you off (lag is 10 seconds per shot). The Arcadian shift sometimes features only one mob and is by no means difficult for a burly soloer to negotiate, but this is a rare occurrence indeed; shifts with as much as 5-6 chimeras are not uncommon. In general, the forest is a poor area to solo, with mob values having dropped due to recent coding changes that favor group xp (true of all other areas also). In the case of a group, the safest rooms to regen are in the northeast/northwest portions with balefire beasts on scan in at least two rooms. Even then, walkins do occasionally occur. Northeast of shift is the official entrance to citadel arcadia, protected by two sturdy gate guards. These two are soloable with, for instance, a dragon caster, but this is no easy task and recruiting a monk or warrior to tank them is a smarter option. North of them is the hedge maze which is linear, but has drifting smoke ixupis (with painful area spells) and lightning arrow-wielding guardians (who can now longshot). The keys for the remainder of the area are on a variety of guards (still to be identified).


Connects to Citadel Arcadia. From shift go all n until you reach the gates. Other ways to get there include portalling to Fae Gate Guard or taking the walking route from Astral (mentioned above).

Also connects to Dark Fae Tower. To get there walk west from shift seeking water rooms on scan. Once you find the river, stay on it, and follow it southwards to a waterfall.



This area is great for running exp. The lowest amount of people recommended in a group is 4; for meaningful experience, and assuming you're staying in Fantasy Forest and not running gear in the Citadel, keep the group under 10 people. It is possible to solo some chimeras if you're a sturdy caster, but they do hit hard, some use annoying psion spells like Migraine and Scramble, and you can't guarantee that you won't have a walk-in. Moreover, the shift can be rough on hp's, so if you plan to solo/duo with a lower hp partner, do the astral shift instead (though with 3 armed guardians, that one isn't much easier) and portal chim.

The Balefire Beasts are sentinel and level 160. Therefore the safest places to sleep in this area are where you can see two rooms of them on scan. An emberling or two wanders around here, a mob for immolation. Balefires are evil, and a good way to fix align after a glyph run. In addition, an Ixupi or two wanders around the Balefires and the maze.

The following mobs cast Migraine:

This list is not exhaustive, but these are the chimeras found in Arcadian Landscape:

North of shift are Fae Gate Guards bearing the crystal keys needed to enter the Hedge Maze north. Balefire Beasts are sentinels found to the east of shift.


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