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The Grand Citadel, composed entirely of glass, diamond and crystal, stands in the center of the Arcadian Plane. It is the seat of power of the High King of the Fae. His subjects regard the Citadel as the single most beautiful construct in reality.

Midgaardian visitors should regard it as a very pretty place to die.

Builder: Dev


From Astral shift: 3d (puts you in the first circle)
From Arcadia shift: portal to fae gate guard, or if you wish to walk go all n.


The beginning of this area connects to Fantasy Forest


The lowest level of this area is a hedge maze with ixupis and fae guards.

The 1st circle has some fae nobility mobs that are relatively large for the area.

Beyond that the area is a mostly linear climb to the top. See Gear In Citadel Arcadia for more information.


If you plan on climbing the tower, it's probably a good idea to bring a rogue with lockpicks. It is possible to hunt down all the keys you need, but picking the locks will make your climb go much faster.

This area is okay exp for a smallish group. Note that many mobs here wield weapons, and some use those annoying stunning Lightning Bolts, so having a psi/shf/mon in the group is a huge plus.

Most people that go here are seeking out gear, particularly the Ruling Glyph. For instructions for how to do a citadel gear run, see Category:Gear In Citadel Arcadia.


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