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The realm of fire is a place devoid of all caring and compassion for life. Eternally burning for conquest of new worlds, the Lord of the Fire elementals has left his realms secrets protected by fearsome guardians which defend it from a cruel order of priests, bent on cleansing wickedness and sloth from every world, as well as any other outsiders.

Builder: Ducer


Planeshift to Firerealm


Cinderheim is located 2n u from shift.


2n e leads to a 1 way portal to Nowhere
3s w d leads to the Ember Forge subarea
3n 3e leads to the Lava River, where you can find Puritan and his buddies.
3n 3e u leads to the elemental area of FireRealm
3n 3e u n u e leads to the Great Inferno subarea


The Fire shift is extremely tame granted you have no Flame Crusaders. Usually takes 1-2 tanks only. The Great Inferno subarea, as well as the Fire elemental area can get extremely swarmy. The Lava naga in proper will migraine, and the Ember Hulk stomps. Beware, as well, because the Lost/Flame Crusaders will disarm and a Ember Hulk/Crusader room can be extremely nasty for your weapons.

Quest for Fire Giant

  • needs to have rest of quest added*

Beginning point for this quest is the Fire Giant Zaltir

After taking shift PP to Zaltir and then say Start .


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