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The Fae of Arcadia have long laid claim to the mystical energy of the Astral Plane. They believe that the vast power of the Mystical Realm should belong solely to themselves.

For Eons the Giths have dominated the Astral Plane; at one time they went so far as to physically tether it to the Plane of Midgaardia to keep it out of the hands of the Fae.

Shortly after Midgaardian Lords and Ladies first managed to Planeshift into Arcadia, the Fae managed to pull the Astral Plane away from the Lords' former home of Midgaardia; finally they restored its proper place in the Planescape.

This restructuring required that the Fae launch a massive invasion into the Astral Plane. By separating the plane from Midgaardia, the Fae finished the first phase of their operation. Now they seek to destroy the Githyanki strongholds on the Astral Plane and claim it as their own. The Fae have created a base there that is said to resemble an enormous, crystalline spider; it sustains a great Nexus from the Astral Plane to Arcadia itself.

Builder: Dev


Planeshift to Astral and go n, w, s


Besides the entrance, this area connects back up with Plane Of Astral in the Inferno Stone gear room.


This area is shaped like a spider, with eight long, twisting legs. Once you get to the fae fortress (the body of the spider), the legs are laid out as follows:

  8 1
  | |
7-   -2
6-   -3
  | |
  5 4

Note that you enter the area through the eighth leg.


This area has some interesting gear. See Gear In Astral Invasion for more information.

Other than that, it provides reasonable exp for a group of 10, but the mobs are a hassle. They wield ethereal (un-disarmable) weapons, they bash and disarm, and there's invis kzin bodyguards all over the place. The only reason I would run here for exp is if I wanted to try something different, or if it had been a long time since reboot.


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