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Deep in the dark recesses of Tarterus, a new evil grows. Practicing dark rites, Tialoc, an ancient mystic of unknown origin, is building an army in hopes of one day challenging Anthraxus for total domination of the lower planes. Tialoc's power comes from the souls of fallen adventureres..directly by consuming them and trapping them in limbo forever. His stronghold is a collection of three bizarre towers that have sprung up in the heart of Tarterus, daring any to enter their dark confines. Great treasure is there, as well as the greatest of risks.

Builder: Yevaud


From Tarterus shift, go w, 2u, 2n


Only connects to Tarterus Proper as mentioned above.


This area is composed of three towers: one to the east, one to the west, and one to the north. You need a key to access the Twisted Tower to the north.


This area is incredibly swarmy and unpredictable, but it can yield some great exp for a group of 20 if you manage to survive. I'm pretty sure the mobs in all three towers drift, so I wouldn't try to sleep anywhere in this area other than the courtyard.

The first room of the tower to the west is nospell.

This area is home to the Ring Of Higher Power run. See Gear In Ascension for more information.


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