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Areas needing map work

Historical notes

I have been on Avatar on and off since 2003 and have many many alts. I sometimes update the wiki and make maps, including:
Transfigured Forest*
part 1 of Ruined Lairs*
part 2 of Ruined Lairs*
part 3 of Ruined Lairs*
Silmavar Labyrinth*
Defender's Graveyard*
Obelische Caverns
Desecrated Monastery
Temple Of Utami
Pyrrus Island
Mob Factory
Shizaga's Temple
Rise of Typhus
North Rhuien Forest
Arcana Excelsis
Cloud Dracoleum
Kzinti Raid

* Some of these area maps have now been replaced by newer versions made by someone else

Primary alt: Laazarus
First(historical) alt: Kesri

A promotional flyer for Avatar I made in response to a request from Izanagi in 2010