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High in the Devil's Peak, an ancient group of reclusive healers and mystics live their solitary lives in a constant struggle against an evil force. Their name, the Order of Typhus, is a misnomer; the Order's temple is but a jailhouse for their prisoner, a Demon Lord, whose infernal magics lash against the bonds daily and threaten to lay waste both to the Temple as to the world of Midgaardia below.

Though this state of affairs has been unchanged for years untold, as of late no messengers from the Order nor supply wagons have been seen travelling the mountain.

Perhaps, finally, Typhus has prevailed.

Level Range: 51-51

Builder: ITyrant


Walking route from Aelmon: 19n, 3e, 5n, u, e, u, w, n, u, n, u, 6n, w, u, n, u, e, u, n, w, n.

Portaling point(s) suggested: Tysiln San.



As reflected on the map, the four Ziggurat Steps rooms can be confusing as they each have one-way exits up to the Portal from Hell room (Typhus), although to get back it's a north, west, east or south exit.


Is it time for a round of bad news again? News from Devil's Peak tell a story how the Order of the Typhus has recently been decimated, in a savage attack. With only a single survivor remaining, it is an open question whether this ancient society of monks and priests will be able to recover.

Good news, at least as far as the ordinary citizens of Midgaardia are concerned, is that their jailhouse has been designed with this eventuality in mind, and the seals, although broken in places, are still more than capable of containing their prisoner.

So, all is well, and relatively unchanged, and there is little reason for concern. There is absolutely no need for any hero intervention. No, there are no quests for heroes to do up there. Best course of action would be to leave the Order alone and stop trying for a millionth time to kill the unkillable Lord Typhus.

-- Midgaardian Weekly


This area replaced the grandfathered Typhus in December, 2014. Some mob and item descriptions in the old area are still being used in reference to this new area, and may or may not have had descriptions, comments and such updated to reflect this.

On the lower level the various types of demons appear to be fairly similar. Some notable differences: the spined devil's have racial tranquility, the demon guardians and "something", and a few others (Gorgon, level 97), are noticeably bigger and more aggressive.

Note that the Shrine of Acilese room is an Infirmary and us such will increase healing and allow link-refresh without the usual lag.


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