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High above the clouds, just underneath the jagged plateau of Devil's Peak, a mausoleum stretches deep into the mountain's cavernous heart. Unlike the well-secluded and obfuscated mausoleums of kings and wizards, this particular burial site is lavished in wealth and open for all to admire - for it is the final resting place of the most glorious of creatures, the majestic Dragons of Midgaardia.

While reverent awe and dutiful veneration are encouraged within these hallowed halls, tampering with the individual crypts and tombs is punishable by a variety of mutilating consequences.

Level Range: 51-51

Builder: I, Tyrant


Walking route from Aelmon: 19n, 3e, 5n, u, e, u, w, n, u, n, u, 6n, w, u, n, u, e, u, n, w, u, n, u, s, 3u, n.

Walking route from Tysiln San: 2s, u, n, u, s, 3u, n.

Portaling point(s) suggested: Svlad.




Dogoradultimion detonates (lvl 83 gol psi), on scan: (Demonic) (Black Aura) A silver king sits on the golden sarcophagus throne, staring at you. Mosca can stab for 3-4k hp.

There are a couple interesting pseudo-shop keeper mobs here (Bergozr) that will sell you unusual things – but not for gold. It appears they don't trade with lords. Notably, Romostaros will trade a perfect gem for a crystal skull key (unlocks the door to Millament that everyone normally bashes or bypasses with recall); also, at least every time I tried, he gives the gem back. Giving him a fizora results in your death, and he keeps the gem.

Some of the locked doors in this area are bashable, some appear not to be.

If you're the right alignment, and (not sure if it matters) Tryystania is dead, and if you give Millament a bloodstained wedding ring, she'll accept your proposal. This leads to a fun little mini-quest which has at least one outcome where after killing a few mobs you can get a "Kissed by a necromancer" insignia, which seems to last throughout hero and is worth (if I remember right) a slight protection against cursed damage. There is another door, that has no key; but activates by interaction with a switch and leads to aggressive mobs (similar to the door to the Behir Spear Captain).


Area introduced in March 2014 as a replacement for the grandfathered Dragon Crypt. Many of the original Crypt's mobs and majority of the gear has been transferred.


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