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At the bottom of the pond.
[Exits: Up]
This isn't what you were expecting to see at the bottom of a pond like this one. It's more like you're in someone's flooded apartment. Watered down posters cover up most of the walls, and a window post has been loosely placed against the eastern wall. All you see through this window is the dirt that the walls are actually made of. Some seaweed has been stuffed into a plant pot that's been placed on the window sill.

In front of the window is a small and surprisingly clean desk. Perhaps the window's function was to richen the view of whoever was working at this desk..

[B]ack,[H]elp,[R]efresh, or [C]ontinue: c
The bed doesn't look like it has ever been made. A corner of the pillow has been chewn off. No wonder there are no fish in this part, who could ever live here?

One of Llanor's socks hangs over the desk's broken chair.

$<9419/9419hp 19723/19723m 8304/8304mv>
<1487tnl> <-/-> <s:3 q:off a:off>

My gear lists.

Currently running

Llanor HiE Mag Shz Hero 101+ solo
Vis Gia War Wer Lord tank
Derphianos Drg Shf Grn Hero 101+ tank
Odd Gob Fus Rxa Hero 101+ hitter
Levelle Gno Cle Kra Hero healer
Eurytus Cen Arc Rxa Hero hitter
Lephran Liz Psi Shz Lowmort solo
Kaamos Kzn Rog Lowmort tank
Fuzzle MnI Mon Grn Lowmort spunj
Rawg Har Mon Lowmort
Laeron Elf Mag Shz Lowmort solo
Locka Ogr War Wer Lowmort solo

Not running

Rebirth Kzn War Dur Hero locker
Lhos Dwf War Dur Hero locker/sharpen

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